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Buy Marvel Figures

Monthly subscription prices start at 21.99 for 2 Marvel figures, and subscriptions auto-renew just in case your commitment is reaching Taneleer Tivan levels of dedication. (By the way, there is a Collector Funko Pop!, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it's sold out and has been 'vaulted', or retired from further production).

buy marvel figures

Mark Doctor Strange's latest MCU appearance in the Multiverse of Madness with this Strange Supreme figurine. There are also figures of Wanda/Scarlet Witch, Wong, Mordo, Sara, America Chavez, Sinister Doctor Strange and non-Supreme, non-Sinister Doctor Strange available, as well as a quite frankly terrifying Funko rendition of Undead Doctor Strange, if you like your desk buddies with a dash of body horror.

A series of Funko Pop! figures to celebrate the release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are now here. As well as two different versions of Simu Liu's character (which are currently out of stock, so keep checking back), you can also buy figurines of Katy, Shang-Chi's father Wenwu, his sister Xialing, The Great Protector and the mercenary Razor Fist.

Returning to iconic Avengers moments, the team eating shawarma quietly together at the end of the first movie after saving New York City was the moment that heralded a revival for post-credits scenes. Cap is part of a set of six Marvel Funko Pop! 'Victory Shawarma' figures inspired by that very moment. They're exclusive to Amazon, and their bases slot together neatly to form one tableau.

Who doesn't know them - the superheroes from Marvel's comics and films? The popular characters provided the material for the cinema hits of recent years. Our Marvel Universe figures bring joy to every fan, ideal as a gift too! Especially the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures are ideal for collectors and enthusiasts, as the action figures are available in many different editions and designs. The different designs, for example, also reflect the penchant for costuming, as Deadpool proves time and again.

Our Marvel Comic figures come to your home in transparent plastic packaging, so you can place them dust-free in the box. You can also wipe the vinyl figures with a slightly damp cloth at any time and display them prominently on your shelf. The durable vinyl makes it easy to care for your Marvel figures.

Marvel Entertainment is a multimedia franchise that originally produced comic books and still does today. In these, superheroes of their own creation compete against shrewd villains. Marvel's comic book characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America are so popular that each got their own movies. In 2008, Iron Man was released in cinemas. Its success led to the further development of Kevin Feige's idea to create an entire universe in which several action heroes fight with each other against evil. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU for short, was born. You can get the matching Marvel superhero figures here with us!

Tampering with space-time will quickly upset even a Dr Strange. So you'd better get some powerful support if you want to save your universe. With us, you can order Marvel hero figures at low prices and have them delivered to you yesterday with the help of the Time Stone - as long as Thanos lends it to you. Just click through our online shop and discover Marvel figures toys to your taste - let's go!

As popular as Marvel's Avengers figures may be, there are countless other Marvel superheroes whose action figures you can find in our shop. Whether it's the lovable Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy, the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four or the anti-hero Venom, they are all part of our large selection of Marvel figures. Get your favourite superhero figures direct as a set for collectors or individual Funko Pop! figures for fans. Figure for fans in house.

We have all the Marvel figures you know and love: from fully articulated action heroes to small Marvel figures that fit everywhere. Be the hero of your ownown story and join the cause for justice with Funko Pops. From cool Deadpool merch to classic Marvel fan gear, it's all here for you!

I'm a fan of Marvel, and I find it pretty cool that LEGO is making sets and mini figures for Marvel. I personally wouldn't want to buy a whole set of blocks and characters, and I wouldn't want to buy multiple sets to get the characters I need, because I will end up having plural of the same minifigures, and end up spending more money for blocks and parts I don't really want.

LEGO typically does not sell individual minifigures from its licensed themes due to licensing restrictions. Often, another company has an exclusive license to produce action figures from a franchise, which means that LEGO is only allowed to sell building sets. These may contain figures, but there has to be a real buildable component. That's why we see "Battle packs" like this one in the Star Wars theme:

I agree with @jncraton, licensed themes are typically restricted from selling minifigures on their own as that would conflict with action figure licenses. Some amount of construction must be included to make it a building set.

You have some options though. In addition to secondary markets like Bricklink and eBay, several Marvel Super Heroes minifigures have appeared in their own polybags, which is very nearly like just buying the minifig.

On the other hand, TLG has been making a habit of producing some figures as exclusive items in small quantities, and handing them out at places like Comic-Con. If you really wanted one of those figures, be prepared to pay handsomely.

If you buy the set that has the figures you want, then sell what you don't want you end up getting the figures for free. As an example, LEGO 76000 Arctic Batman, RRP 20 but when on sale 13. Say you only want Aqua Man, you could sell Batman, Mr Freeze and the bat boat easily for a fiver each, even after fees you now have Aquaman for free....

LEGO doesn't currently sell the figures on their own, unless as a previous user suggested you buy a poly bag which still isn't the figure on its own. Have you seen a website called ? you can buy individual minifigure parts such as arms let alone complete figures.

Enter the Marvel Store, a universe where you can show your fandom for your favorite superheroes, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor & Captain America among others with clothing, toys, action figures, accessories & more. But beware, Thanos and other super villains have been known to lurk around, as well.

Enter the Marvel Store, a universe where you can show your fandom for your favorite superheroes. Find clothing, toys, action figures, accessories & more from Marvel's newest heroes, like Black Panther, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and Star Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy. But beware Thanos, Scarlet Witch and other supervillains have been known to lurk around as well.

Grab your lightsaber as you follow the pull of the Force into the Star Wars Store where you'll discover toys, LEGO, clothing, action figures, accessories & more featuring your favorite new characters from the Star Wars Saga, including Rey, Kylo Ren, The Mandalorian, and everyone's new favorite, the padawan formerly known as Baby Yoda... Grogu.

Follow the bouncing ball to the Pixar Store where classic heroes like Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen share the spotlight with new favorites from Coco and Soul. Find toys, clothing, action figures and more near you featuring the lovable characters from your favorite Pixar Animation Studio films like Monsters Inc, Wall-E and the Good Dinosaur.

Some collectors aren't in it for things like action figures or anything of that nature. They're looking for stuff that would work if they were attempting to cosplay as one of their favorite characters or just to have an item that feels like it is legitimately from the movie.

It's the best location to find the always impressive Black Series of Star Wars figures, which includes upcoming releases like Koska Reeves and Q9-0 from The Mandalorian. Their Marvel Legends series is also highly-touted and the work there was covered in the Disney+ series, Marvel's 616.

For the most part, Entertainment Earth does offer up a lot of different franchises and brands like some other websites. There are the usual suspects like Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, and DC. However, they also have a wide array of Funko figures.

While the Transformers Studio Series is also popular at Big Bad Toy Store, fans also love their anime figures and the classics like G.I. Joe and Pokémon. Plus, it's hard to top this store when it has pre-order access to a solar-powered Grogu in his waver.

A few of the best items available are an Iron Giant MECHA figure, a Rick and Morty statue, and vinyl for Over the Garden and Death Stranding. Worth checking out is their Ramona Flowers figures, one of which comes with a tiny Scott Pilgrim that is simply too good.

It could be argued that Sideshow Collectibles is the most iconic of all of these websites. Collectors of all kinds have been flocking there for the best of the best. There are the expected figures of popular characters like Harley Quinn and Iron Man as well as some lesser names from major franchises like Jabba The Hutt and Lucius Malfoy.

This summer at SAMA: A line-up of some of the most popular figures produced by Marvel Comics and DC comics! Come see life-size sculptures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk, among other superheroes who have intrigued and entertained us for decades!

Walmart's Collector Con is here. The two day event features spotlights and preorders on merchandise from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Barbie, WWE and more. Whether you're a collector of Pokémon cards, figurines, Legos, minifigures or models, the Walmart Collector Con event probably has something for you.

Are you ready for some fun with Iron Man figures, LEGO, and costumes? Because these Iron-Man toys are packed with it! These toys are not just for kids, they are perfect for adults too! They make great collectables. Plus, they make for awesome Marvel gifts for Iron Man fans. Role-play the genius billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark, taking care of Stark Industries. Then, become the superhero with red and gold powered armour including his electronic fist! 041b061a72


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