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Fashion Business [Ep. 3 V13 Extra]

It allows to view all the achievements without having unlocked them.To view them, start or load a game and click the medal icon on the top left of the screen, just under the objectives. All of them should be unlocked.To install it, just extract the file in the folder Fashion_Business\game .To remove it, delete the files nm_gallery_viewer.rpy and nm_gallery_viewer.rpyc.

Fashion Business [Ep. 3 v13 Extra]

HARTMAN: The return of Secret Santa (Video)Far from the North Pole, at the edge of the Sonoran Desert, Secret Santa is about to do some of his best work ever, on the San Carlos Apache Tribal Lands. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports on the anonymous wealthy businessman who is making his annual holiday season trek, giving away $30,000 in hundred-dollar bills to random strangers.

RECREATION: New York's newest island, a man-made gift to the city Watch VideoReplacing a derelict pier on the Hudson River, Little Island is a new public space and performance venue constructed on top of concrete pilings shaped like tulips. Correspondent Martha Teichner talks with billionaire Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, about their $260 million present to New York City.

MOVIES: The private Anthony Bourdain Watch VideoThree years ago the globetrotting chef, author and TV host Anthony Bourdain died by suicide at age 61. Inexplicable to many, his death touched millions who knew him as an inspiring television presence. Now, a new documentary, "Roadrunner," explores the complexity of the man who seemed to have the world as his oyster. Correspondent Jim Axelrod talks with filmmaker Morgan Neville, and with colleagues who discuss the extraordinary trajectory of Bourdain's life.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Fashion designer Ralph Rucci (Video)In July 2002 designer Ralph Rucci was the first American in over 60 years to be invited to show his own couture collection in Paris. In a report, produced by Judy Hole, that aired on "Sunday Morning" October 27, 2002, Rucci talked with correspondent Martha Teichner about his inspirations, from Cristóbal Balenciaga to Asian spiritualism, and the obsessive perfectionism that runs through his workroom. Teichner also talked with New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, and with Joan Kaner, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, about Rucci's impact.

ENTREPRENEURS: How farm animals began "goat-crashing" Zoom (Video)Bored with Zoom calls at work? You can book a goat from the Cronkshaw Fold Farm in England to crash your online business meeting, because who wouldn't rather watch a cute baby goat? Correspondent Imitiaz Tyab talks with the farmer whose affection for silliness has made mini-celebrities of her caprine charges.

TELEVISION: Ewan McGregor on recreating the life, and obsessions, of "Halston" Watch VideoThe actor who rose to fame with "Trainspotting" and wielded a light saber as Obi-Wan Kenobi, is now starring as a '70s icon, fashion designer Halston, in a new Netflix series. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Ewan McGregor about how he prepared for the role; his familiarity with his character's addiction; and about returning to the "Star Wars" universe in a new TV series. 041b061a72


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