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The Dino Crisis 2 Download [WORK]

Dino Crisis 2 (aka 恐龍危機II), a really nice action game sold in 2001 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a survival horror, dinosaurs and time travel video game title.

the Dino Crisis 2 download


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This HD Texture Pack is for the PC version of Dino Crisis 2, and you can download its preview version from here. From what I remember, the PC version of Dino Crisis 2 was a mess. So yeah, I believe that the game also desperately needs a QoL Patch/Mod.

Dino Crisis 2 [SLUS-01279] ROM download is available to play for Playstation. This game is the US English version at exclusively. Download Dino Crisis 2 [SLUS-01279] ROM and use it with an emulator. Play online PSX game on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality. If you enjoy this free ROM on Emulator Games then you will also like similar titles Power Rangers - Dino Thunder and Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (V1.2).

Dino Crisis (ディノクライシス, dino kuraishisu?) is a 1999 video game developed by Capcom Planning Room 2 and released in 1999. Produced by Shinji Mikami, the game took inspirations from Resident Evil's RPG features such as item management and exploration. However, unlike other so-called "Resident Evil clones" that had been released since 1997, Dino Crisis instead relied on 3D environments as opposed to pre-rendered backgrounds, and a greater focus on physical puzzles to advance in the game. As horror-themed action-adventure gaming was still in its inception, Dino Crisis rejected the label of "Survival Horror" in Japan, which was seen as merely a tagline for Resident Evil. Instead it was marketed as "Panic Horror" to demonstrate its uniqueness. However, due to the dominance of Resident Evil over similarly styled horror games oversees, "Survival Horror" became accepted as the general name for the genre.

The game centres around a special forces team who must find a way to survive in a secret government facility that is being infested by time-displaced dinosaurs. While Dino Crisis did not achieve the same level of success Resident Evil did, it was popular enough to gain two sequels: (Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Crisis 3) and a light gun-based spin-off in Capcom's Gun Survivor series, known as Dino Stalker in America and Gun Survivor 3 : Dino Crisis in Japan.

There are only a small number of dinosaurs featured in the game, however some species have different forms that provide different levels of resistance to being killed, and do varying levels of damage.

Dino Stalker is a first-person shooter in which the player must use various weapons to defend against dinosaurs while progressing through the game. Dino Stalker supports the optional use of the GunCon light gun accessory.[1] The player can use a variety of weapons throughout the game, including bazookas, machine guns, and shotguns, but can only carry one weapon at a time.[2] The game takes place across various landscapes, including desert and jungle.[2] A two-player mode is unlocked upon completion of the game.[2]

The game's storyline focuses on Mike Wired, a World War II pilot. After being shot down during combat over the Atlantic, Mike is transported into the dinosaur-populated future from Dino Crisis 2.

Mike Wired, a World War II era fighter pilot is about to die in the sky in 1943, as bullets approach him before he can parachute to safety. Mike mysteriously somehow ends up being transported to a time with flying prehistoric reptiles, which he manages to kill. He meets Paula, a survivor from Dino Crisis 2 who speaks some English but is not able to speak long sentences. Traversing through the various stages under the guidance of Paula's father, Dylan, Mike defeats many different groups of savage dinosaurs using a special gun he gained, finally battling and defeating their intelligent leader, Trinity, which controlled the other dinosaurs. But despite falling in love with Paula, Mike must go back to just before his imminent death. Paula then edits the timescale to make the bullets vanish to prevent Mike from dying, and he is rescued by men on a boat, realizing that Paula was the one who saved him.

Ryan Davis of GameSpot called the game's premise "bizarre and convoluted" with "not a lot of coherence." Davis criticized the game's selectable control schemes. Playing exclusively with the GunCon 2, Davis wrote that "using a single hand to move and shoot is difficult and will wear out your arm more quickly than your average light-gun game." Davis also criticized the alternative method of using a standard DualShock controller: "The targeting reticle is far too sensitive, and you'll often find yourself dealing with bouts of overcorrection while trying to draw a bead on a dino." Davis noted that the best option was to utilize both the DualShock and the GunCon 2 simultaneously, "But even this configuration does not compensate completely for the game's inherently slow movement or the inability to look up or down, and you'll spend an equal amount of time-fighting the controls as you will fighting dinosaurs." Davis also criticized the game's poor graphics, and wrote that the only notable sound effect throughout the game "is the 'reload' command you'll hear whenever you're out of bullets, and this is only because the computer voice noticeably mispronounces it." Davis concluded that the game would have been "infinitely more playable had Capcom discarded the Gun Survivor control scheme and just left the movement control on rails, like all other light-gun games. But with its needlessly frustrating control scheme intact, Dino Stalker's appeal is incredibly limited. Though the game is loosely affiliated with the Dino Crisis games, there's not a lot here to draw fans of that series, and with several superior light-gun games available on the PlayStation 2, there's little reason for anyone without a masochistic streak to play this game."

Louis Bedigian of GameZone praised the music and graphics and wrote that the control scheme "isn't bad, but it does take some getting used to. It's worth getting used to though, because this is the best dino-hunting game I've played since Dino Crisis 2."[11] Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer called it "easily the best yet" in the Gun Survivor series, and praised the game for "some stunning environments," but criticized its short length and some of the "rather bland" dinosaur designs.[2]


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