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Recorded in March 1991 during the studio sessions for Pretty on the Inside, the track featured production by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Gumball frontman Don Fleming. The song's lyrics, written by frontwoman Courtney Love,[2] narrate a dejected teenaged prostitute who has been abandoned by her mother. Heavily influenced by noise rock and grindcore,[3] the band's musical arrangements on the song feature rapid string muting, tritones, and a noted "sonic uncleanliness."

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It is part of a global movement launched after a policeman in Toronto told students that, to protect themselves from sexual assault, women should avoid "dressing like sluts". Yes, not only do these dinosaurs still roam the planet, they are given positions of influence. No matter that one of the most prolific sex attackers of recent years - London's "night stalker" Delroy Grant - preyed on the elderly. When Constable Sanguinetti was thinking of "slutty" clothes, I am guessing he didn't mean compression stockings, bobble cardies and Zimmer frames.

Blaming the victim is still a frighteningly common response to sexual assault - it even creeps into newspapers. In March, the New York Times was guilty of rapist-friendly reporting. In an article about the gang rape of an 11-year-old, the journalist quoted residents who declared that the girl "dressed older than her age, wearing make-up and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her twenties. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground." A bit of lippie, a crop-top and some older friends? She clearly got what was coming to her, then. One neighbour also said that her attackers would "have to live with this the rest of their lives" - no such concern was shown for the girl.

So anything that helps promote the message "a dress doesn't mean yes" should be welcomed. But what stops me from embracing SlutWalk entirely is its name. Most of the event's founders say they want to reclaim the word "slut", but trying to turn a sexist slur into a badge of honour is a mistake. Rather than take it for ourselves, we should want to annihilate it along with the other patriarchal taunts - slag, slapper, ho - that are so common in the teenage lexicon. It is telling that the only male-equivalent, "man-whore", is a female insult post-sex change. 041b061a72


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