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Should I Buy Canada Goose

Canada goose is made in Winnipeg by the Richlu Family, they started in Toronto but it has been here for 60+ years. There are still some clothing manufacturers in Winnipeg. Silver jeans come to mind and their is another family who make the outer wear for the armed forces and did a generous donation of outerwear and sleeping bags to one of the shelters for the homeless(Siloam Mission)

should i buy canada goose

I think it comes down to what part of the country you live in. This coat is probably overkill on Toronto, but in the prairies it is very valuable. So the price should be relative to how much comfort it will bring you.

There are a few objections to the use of coyote fur in this coat. In parts of Canada, coyotes are consider vermin and are regularly hunted as such. If anything, these coats are sourcing material from a local culled animal that might otherwise go to waste. Would one rather have artificial petroleum-based faux fur wrapped around their face? Or a leather jacket made in a sweatshop in Vietnam? If the goose down is sourced from local huderite colonies, then it makes sense that the fur trim is locally sourced from rural Canada as well.

The only 700+ dollar jacket men/women should wear is Burberry. Anything above that has to be a legit name brand that can get you into golf courses or fine dining events whilst still looking good at the doors of a club or a social/networking event.

A couple of years ago (when their popularity exploded) they switched most of their coats to duck down, not goose down. You are definitely paying for the label. Most of their competitors still use goose (e.g., North Face) for half the price.

I took my CG parka to compare at Sportnlife, seen the exact same problem with the shoulders. There is no or very thin down in that area. The staff told me that is how it is made, the down is heavy and falls, thus the shoulders have no down coverage. A bunch of crap.

It was fine from mid October until near the end of November, but when temperatures went down below freezing, my arms were cold. I also had cold spots in my shoulders and chest. I took the leap last year and decided to sell the coat on ebay.

In Yellowknife, Canada Goose is the only coat to buy. You should know that their top rated parka, the Snow Mantra retails for $1200. $700 gets you an Expedition. Up here they can be bought used at yard sales but you have to arrive early. Even used they go for $200 or more. Seriously, I just bought a 20 year old Snow Goose coat for $100, still in good shaple although a little faded from the sun. Shop Walmart for less, and you might get by for a year or two. You get what you pay for.

Used my Canada goose off Novya Zemla in the Barrets Sea Russia and Dead Horse Alaska. When temperature fall below -50 F there is no substitute. Better to spend the extra cash than freeze to death above the polar circle.

I recommend looking into the North Face parkas.You can get them on sale at Si Vous Play. They waterproof and insulated with 550 fill goose down. They are well made and will last you years. Toronto weather is wet cold for the most part. Canada Goose is great for dry cold weather like the Arctic. There are definitely more cost effective alternative to Canada Goose ?

Walking around here In New York City, it appears that every 30 or so people I see is wearing a Canada Goose parka. I assume they are authentic. Everyone is entitled to their view as to whether $700 is a fair price. Obviously, to those who choose to purchase one, it is a fair price. I understand the points that have been made regarding the cost associated with making a quality jacket that is very warm, wind proof and waterproof that will last for years, and thus, the relatively higher price. The price set by the manufacturer is of course a business decision. That decision is based on a number of factors, including the cost, and the profit margin that the management and shareholders want to make given certain constraints with regard to price elasticity. In my view, the profit margin is very high, so those who rationalize their decision to pay that price should also recognize that they are lining the pockets of the shareholders of the business, who a laughing all the way to the bank.

In the far far away north of the country, you can buy 850$ CG for half the price and its not in sale.. Its their full price. Maybe because they are all wearing overkill stuff half of the year. Best deal is to have someone buy it for you then pay shipping with canadapost

CG coats are as beautiful as Channel bags. Fashion is like art. Function is important but outstanding of all in terms of brand, luxuriousness, recognition, etc., is equally as important. We should have more art kind of Canadian fashion brand like CG. Canadian fashion industry has to be developed like that of Paris and Italy. CG should increase their price. All CG coats should be over 1 or 2 thousand dollars like those of Berberry or Maxmarra.

If a Canadian company tells me I should ignore my wallet for the sake of Canadian pride, I would tell them their top management and executives should live modestly with the knowledge and pride that they are creating a quality Canadian product. It goes both ways.

I have a bad experience with Canada goose online orders. Never place an order with canada goose directly. place it with Amazon or go to a local store and pick it up. Canada goose are only good in making jackets and horrible at everything commercial and customer facing. they should stick to what they know and let the professionals represent them on the customer facing

If you have the money and have an appreciation for winter fashion i dont see the harm in buying one. Some of the people who say canada goose is a waste of money, are the same people who would spend 1-2000$ on a nice Nikon camera..That to me is a waste of money considering i dont have any interest in photography. I dont have a goose jacket but i think the canada goose haters are either jealous they dont have one. or Jealous they dont have the money to buy clothes as expensive as this. In the end there is nothing wrong with buying expensive things if you have an interest in them. Computers, cameras, books, shoes or expensive clothes

During the most recent quarter, Canada Goose posted impressive revenue growth of 19% despite the challenges it is facing in China. The company also improved its gross margin from 58% to 59.8% by shifting more sales toward its direct-to-consumer channel. On the negative side, the company trimmed its 2023 revenue guidance range to $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion from its previous range of $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion. While conditions in China are generating headwinds for the company right now, CEO Dani Reiss says that the brand remains strong there, so it should benefit when China's economy eventually normalizes.

With an attractive valuation, great margins, challenges in China that should eventually turn from headwinds into tailwinds, and a growing presence in lucrative new markets, Canada Goose looks like a good stock for risk-tolerant investors to pick up while it's still cheap.

With this in mind, we wouldn't consider investing in a stock unless we had a thorough understanding of the risks. Case in point: We've spotted 1 warning sign for Canada Goose Holdings you should be aware of.

State guidelines also vary on how a coyote should be killed once it is discovered. "There are some trappers that will use a hammer or a baseball bat to hit them over the head," Gehrt says. "If states knew about that they would probably legislate against it, but there are places where that takes place." He's quick to add, though, that those bad actors are in the minority. "A vast majority of states and provinces do maintain pretty strict guidelines. And in all of those cases it's a relatively humane exercise."

By 1985, they decided to produce jackets under their own brand which at the time was called Snow Goose, not Canada goose. At the time, they also manufactured private label jackets for companies like LL Bean or Eddie Bauer. They were growing slowly and in the early 90s, they expanded to Europe.

Again, low-end fill power would be 300, high-end fill power would be 900. So this jacket sits right somewhere in the middle. It consists of 80% down and 20% feathers which is not as good as the Moncler jacket which is 90% goose down and 10% feathers but both are not as good as some other jackets on the market. For example, the Swedish brand Jöttnar produces a jacket with 93% down and a fill power of 850, and British manufacturer Peter Hutchinson Desings (PHD) boasts jackets with 1000 fill power.

Unlike Moncler, Canada goose has warmth grading method which is called TEI or thermal experience index. That will help you to find a jacket that is best suited for your needs and your environment and the level of coolness you experience.

Nothing much has changed in the technology and material used for making Canada goose jackets over time. But the price has jumped significantly. The brand uses 800 Power Fill Hutterite down. What makes it pricier now is that it has gotten international recognition, and celebrities have endorsed it. So, it has become more of a luxury brand than regular winter wear.

Founded in 1957 in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada, Canada Goose (NYSE:GOOS, TSX:GOOS) is a lifestyle brand and a leading manufacturer of performance luxury apparel. Every collection is informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic, ensuring a legacy of functionality is embedded in every product from parkas and rainwear to apparel and accessories. Canada Goose is inspired by relentless innovation and uncompromised craftsmanship, recognized as a leader for its Made in Canada commitment. In 2020, Canada Goose announced HUMANATURE, its purpose platform that unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. Canada Goose also owns Baffin, a Canadian designer and manufacturer of performance outdoor and industrial footwear. Visit for more information. 041b061a72


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