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Where To Buy Acacia Swimwear

Since 2010, Naomi Acacia Newirth has taken swimwear to a whole new level. Her signature ACACIA swimwear collection combines the best of both worlds: the low-cut Italian bikini and the classic Brazilian fit. Our selection features many of her most popular designs, all drawing inspiration from Naomi's life in Maui. A pivotal journey to Bali is where this collection originally began, but ACACIA quickly gained fashion notoriety for its intricately detailed designs, custom prints, buttery fabric, and seamless comfort.

where to buy acacia swimwear

Our Acacia swimwear offers a whole new sexy and minimalist aesthetic for your summer moments, inspired by the 80s Brazilian cuts, this bikini will enhance your summer body and at the same time make you feel comfy and secure.

Acacia swimwear sizing is meant to be small and tight. Naomi Newirth, owner and creator of Acacia, has figured it all out. For a bathing suit to look A+ on you it has to HUG all the right places and be smaller. Not just sit there like some bathing suits, but actually HUG your body.

As a Maui-based girl, founder Naomi Newirth wanted her bikinis to be small and form fitting, but couldn't find them anywhere. So she created them herself, by mixing low Italian cuts with minimal Brazilian coverage, for women of all shapes.

Karin Eldor: Can you share more about how you identified the whitespace and opportunity in the market, for sophisticated swimwear and wearable silhouettes designed for real women, at every stage of life?

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Inspired by our island home and the tropical beauty that surrounds us, we bring you talented Maui designers where Boho meets the beach, where we live an active, healthy life, and are inspired by the world traveler. 041b061a72


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