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Dude (2018)

Dude (2018) follows teen gal pals who graduate high school. Now what? Will their friendships stand the test of post-graduation life? At the very least they have to survive the summer. The lovely Lucy Hale makes a lot of appearances in her bra being the sexiest we've seen from her thus far. She lays on a pool float in her bra while chatting with her friends. In another scene, she undresses for a boy who admires her perfect body for the first time. We are too since this is her nude debut! This darling dudette looks impeccable in her bra and undies and almost just as sexy when she's wearing a sundress in bed while a guy can't keep his hands off her. Who can blame him? Another diva to watch is Alexandra Sharp who goes braless to give us fantastic pokies in her blue halter top. We'll be keeping a watch on her for future nudity!

Dude (2018)



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