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The Twelve by Justin Cronin: A Free PDF Download of the Stunning Post-Apocalyptic Novel

The Twelve by Justin Cronin: A Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Novel


If you are a fan of dystopian fiction, you might have heard of The Twelve, the second book in The Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin. This novel is a gripping and epic story that spans over a century, following the lives of a group of survivors in a world ravaged by a deadly virus that turns humans into bloodthirsty creatures.

the twelve justin cronin free pdf download


What is The Twelve about?

The Twelve is the sequel to The Passage, which introduced us to a secret military experiment that unleashed a virus that transformed most of the population into vampiric beings called virals. The few remaining humans formed colonies to protect themselves from the virals, while some ventured out to find other survivors and a possible cure.

The Twelve picks up five years after the events of The Passage, where we follow the characters from the first book as they continue their fight against the virals and their mysterious leaders, the original twelve test subjects who became the most powerful and intelligent of their kind. We also meet new characters who have their own stories and struggles in this post-apocalyptic world.

Who is Justin Cronin?

Justin Cronin is an American author who has written five novels, including The Passage trilogy. He is a former professor of English at Rice University and a winner of several literary awards, such as the PEN/Hemingway Award and the Stephen Crane Prize. He lives in Texas with his family.

Why should you read The Twelve?

If you enjoyed The Passage, you will definitely want to read The Twelve to find out what happens next to your favorite characters and how the story unfolds. If you haven't read The Passage yet, you should still give The Twelve a try, as it is a captivating and immersive novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Some of the reasons why you should read The Twelve are:

  • It is a well-written and well-researched novel that blends science fiction, horror, thriller, and drama genres.

  • It has a complex and intriguing plot that spans multiple timelines and perspectives, creating a rich and diverse narrative.

  • It has realistic and relatable characters that you will care about and root for, as they face challenges and dilemmas in their quest for survival.

  • It has themes and messages that resonate with our current society and issues, such as environmental degradation, human nature, morality, faith, and destiny.

  • It has action-packed and suspenseful scenes that will keep you hooked and entertained, as well as emotional and touching moments that will make you cry and smile.

The Plot of The Twelve

The First Book: The Passage

The Virals

The story begins in the near future, where a secret military project called Project Noah is conducting experiments on death row inmates, injecting them with a virus that is supposed to enhance their physical and mental abilities. However, the virus has unforeseen side effects, turning the subjects into monstrous creatures that crave human blood and can infect others with their bite.

One of the subjects, Zero, escapes from the facility and unleashes the virus on the world, creating a pandemic that wipes out most of the civilization. The other eleven subjects, known as the Twelve, become the leaders of the virals, forming their own armies and territories.

The Colony

The story then jumps to almost a century later, where we meet a group of survivors who live in a fortified community called the Colony. They have managed to survive by following strict rules and rituals, such as keeping the lights on at night to ward off the virals, and sending out expeditions to scavenge for supplies and information.

One of the expeditions brings back a young girl named Amy, who was abandoned by her mother and taken by Project Noah as a test subject. She was injected with a different strain of the virus, which gave her enhanced abilities but did not turn her into a viral. She also has a mysterious connection to Zero and the Twelve, and is seen as the key to saving humanity.

The Journey

When the Colony is attacked by a horde of virals, led by one of the Twelve, Amy and a few survivors escape and embark on a journey across the country, hoping to find other survivors and a way to stop the virals. Along the way, they encounter various dangers and allies, as well as clues about Project Noah and Amy's origin.

They also discover that Amy is not the only one who has special abilities, as some of them have been infected by her blood and have developed resistance to the virus and other powers. They realize that they are part of a prophecy that foretells the end of the virals and the dawn of a new era.

The Second Book: The Twelve

The Fall

The Twelve continues five years after the end of The Passage, where we find out that Amy and her friends have succeeded in killing one of the Twelve, but have been separated and scattered across different locations. Some of them have joined forces with other survivor groups, while others have gone into hiding or captivity.

We also learn more about what happened in the years between Project Noah's outbreak and the Colony's formation, through flashbacks that introduce new characters and their stories. We see how some people tried to resist or escape from the virals, while others collaborated or succumbed to them.

The Hunt

The main plot of The Twelve revolves around the hunt for the remaining eleven leaders of the virals, who have grown more powerful and ruthless over time. Amy and her friends reunite and join forces with other hunters, who have different motives and methods for finding and killing the Twelve.

Some of them seek revenge for their losses, some seek justice for their oppression, some seek glory for their ambition, and some seek salvation for their souls. They all face challenges and conflicts along the way, as they encounter enemies and allies from both sides of the war.

The Stand

The climax of The Twelve takes place in a massive battle between the humans and the virals, where Amy and her friends confront Zero and his army in his stronghold. They have to use all their skills, courage, and faith to overcome the odds and fulfill their destiny.

They also have to face their own demons and doubts, as they learn more about Zero's past and plan. They discover that he has a personal vendetta against Amy, and that he has a vision of a new world order that involves both humans and virals.

The Themes of The Twelve

Survival and Sacrifice

One of the main themes of The Twelve is survival and sacrifice, as we see how different characters cope with living in a hostile and hopeless world. We see how some of them are willing to do anything to survive, even if it means hurting or betraying others. We also see how some of them are w