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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Episodes 51-100 ( Hindi )

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Episodes 51-100 ( Hindi )

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Episodes 51-100 ( Hindi )

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is a popular mythological television series that depicts the story of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. The show is based on the legends of the Hindu scriptures, such as the Shiva Purana, the Devi Bhagavata Purana, and the Skanda Purana. The show portrays the various aspects of Shiva's character, such as his compassion, his anger, his love, his wisdom, and his power. The show also showcases the different avatars of Shiva, such as Kal Bhairav, Vaidyanath, Jalandhar, and Ardhanarishvara.

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The show was aired on Star Bharat from December 2011 to December 2014, and it had a total of 820 episodes. The show was highly acclaimed by the viewers and critics alike, and it won several awards and nominations. The show was also dubbed in several languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Marathi.

In this article, we will review the episodes 51 to 100 of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev in Hindi. These episodes cover the following major events:

  • Sati's dilemma between her love for Shiva and her loyalty to her father Daksh.

  • Daksh's curse on Chandrama (the moon god) for marrying Rohini against his wishes.

  • Mahadev's intervention to save Chandrama from Daksh's curse.

  • Sati's visit to Kailash to meet Mahadev and his ganas.

  • Mahadev's acceptance of Sati as his wife.

  • Daksh's humiliation of Sati and Mahadev at a yajna (sacrificial ritual).

  • Sati's self-immolation at the yajna to protest against Daksh's insult.

  • Mahadev's wrath and grief over Sati's death.

  • Mahadev's tandava (cosmic dance) that threatens to destroy the universe.

  • Vishnu's intervention to calm down Mahadev and stop his tandava.

Episode 51: Prasuti tells Sati to be truthful

In this episode, Sati is still lost in Shiva's thoughts. Prasuti assures her husband that it's only a passing phase and Sati will get over it. She advises Sati that she must be truthful and tell her father that she has given up the delusions about Shiva. Sati is confused by conflicting thoughts. She wonders if she should follow her heart or her duty.

Episode 52: Daksh draws a Daksh rekha

In this episode, Daksh decides to draw a boundary line around his palace and declares that anyone who crosses it will be considered as his enemy. He warns Sati not to cross the line or else she will face his wrath. He also orders his guards to keep an eye on Sati and prevent her from meeting Shiva or his devotees. Sati feels suffocated by Daksh's restrictions.

Episode 53: Daksh puts a curse on Chandrama

In this episode, Daksh learns that Chandrama has married Rohini without his consent. He gets furious and curses Chandrama to lose his brightness and die gradually. Chandrama pleads for mercy, but Daksh does not listen. He also scolds Rohini for disobeying him and banishes her from his palace. Chandrama and Rohini are heartbroken by Daksh's curse.

Episode 54: Mahadev saves Chandrama from Daksh's curse

In this episode, Mahadev intervenes to save Chandrama from Daksh's curse. He tells Chandrama that he will not die completely, but he will wax and wane every fortnight. He also tells him that he will share his brightness with Rohini and the other twenty-six wives of Chandrama who were neglected by him. He also tells him that he will wear him on his forehead as a sign of his compassion. Chandrama and Rohini thank Mahadev for his grace.

Episode 55: Vishnu asks for a new planet

In this episode, Vishnu asks Brahma to create a new planet for the welfare of the living beings. Brahma agrees and creates the earth. He assigns Vishnu to protect the earth and its inhabitants. He also assigns Shani (the god of justice) to keep a check on the deeds of the people. He tells Shani that he will have to face the consequences of his actions if he becomes too harsh or too lenient.

Episode 56: Sati decides to meet Mahadev

In this episode, Sati decides to meet Mahadev and express her feelings for him. She crosses the Daksh rekha and leaves the palace secretly. She reaches Kailash and sees Mahadev meditating. She feels a strong attraction towards him and approaches him. She tries to touch his feet, but he opens his eyes and stops her. He tells her that he knows her identity and her purpose. He tells her that she is not welcome in Kailash and asks her to leave.

Episode 57: Mahadev rejects Sati

In this episode, Mahadev rejects Sati and tells her that he has no place for her in his life. He tells her that he is beyond the worldly attachments and emotions. He tells her that she is the daughter of Daksh, who is his enemy and who has insulted him and his devotees. He tells her that she is bound by the rules and norms of the society, while he is free from them. He tells her that she is wasting her time and energy on him and asks her to go back to her father.

Episode 58: Sati refuses to leave Kailash

In this episode, Sati refuses to leave Kailash and tells Mahadev that she loves him unconditionally. She tells him that she does not care about Daksh or the society. She tells him that she only wants to be with him and serve him. She tells him that she will not go back until he accepts her as his wife. Mahadev is unmoved by Sati's words and tells her that he will never accept her.

Episode 59: Mahadev agrees to meet Sati

In this episode, Mahadev agrees to meet Sati after Nandi requests him to do so. Nandi tells Mahadev that Sati is sincere in her love and devotion for him. He tells Mahadev that Sati has been waiting for him patiently and has not eaten or slept since she came to Kailash. He tells Mahadev that Sati deserves a chance to prove herself. Mahadev agrees to meet Sati, but warns Nandi that he will not change his mind.

Episode 60: Sati impresses Mahadev

In this episode, Sati impresses Mahadev by showing her knowledge and wisdom about various subjects, such as music, art, literature, philosophy, and science. She also shows her respect and admiration for Mahadev's ganas, such as Nandi, Veerbhadra, Bhringi, and others. She also shows her courage and compassion by saving a deer from a hunter. Mahadev is impressed by Sati's qualities, but he still does not accept her as his wife.

Episode 61: Daksh sends his army to bring back Sati

In this episode, Daksh sends his army to bring back Sati from Kailash. He learns that Sati has crossed the Daksh rekha and has gone to meet Shiva. He gets angry and orders his army to capture Sati and bring her back by force. He also orders them to kill Shiva and his ganas if they resist. The army reaches Kailash and attacks Shiva's ganas.

Episode 62: Mahadev defeats Daksh's army

Episode 63: Sati defends Mahadev

In this episode, Sati defends Mahadev from Daksh's accusations. She tells Daksh that Mahadev is not a barbarian, but the supreme