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Through a series of public meetings and evaluations, a preferred alternative for the southern half of the loop has been refined and is being further designed. The proposed project would provide two 12-foot wide travel lanes in each direction separated by a grassy median. The travel lanes would be bounded by 4-foot wide inside and 10-foot wide outside shoulders. The proposed Right of Way on the relief route of SH 21 would be between 250 and 500 feet wide. The roadway would be a high-speed facility with limited access but not completely access controlled as there would be no frontage roads. A limited number of minor roads and driveways would connect to one side of the proposed roadway, but primary access to the facility would be via grade-separated interchanges at major crossroads. There would be grade separations at the crossings of SH 90, SH 75, IH 45, and Pee Dee Lane. Entrance and exit ramps would provide access to SH 90 and SH 75. A new relief route bridge would be built over IH 45. New ramps along IH 45 would provide access to and from the relief route.


(March 22, 2023) UPDATE: Due to wet weather, only one northbound lane will open to drivers this week. Once pavement is completely dry, crews can stripe the second lane.

Drivers are urged to use caution in the area during the traffic switch and to watch for flaggers. After the switch, drivers turning onto Legacy Dr from any driveways along the road should pay special attention to the new location of stop lines and medians and are urged to use caution in the construction zone as people become accustomed to the new traffic patterns.

AcuraWatch is the name for the driver-aid suite, and here it includes adaptive cruise control, collision-mitigation braking, forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, road-departure mitigation, and traffic-jam assist.

Once you're ready to narrow down your search results, go ahead and filter by price, mileage, transmission, trim, days on lot, drivetrain, color, engine, options, and deal ratings. And if you only want to see cars with a single owner, recent price drops, photos, or available financing, our filters can help with that too.

While better looks and tech improvements are important, the new TLX's performance is the headline here. Power comes from a 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 making 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, with the latter available from 1,600 to 4,500 rpm. The performance specs are more than competitive against rivals such as the Audi A4, BMW 330i and Mercedes-Benz C300. Front-wheel-drive is standard on the TLX, but you can add the company's Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system for an additional $2,000.

1. When I was working the drive thru at Popeyes, we would always tend to get this one couple who would come by. Sure, we had plenty of regulars, but every employee knew of the Human Tables. There was always the four of them, the dad, mom, sister, and brother, and they always rolled up to the window with AT LEAST 3 big bags of food from other fast food places. Not bags of trash, but bags of uneaten food. We would call them the Human Tables because they all had their seats all the way back and would use their stomachs as tables. The smell was pretty horrid as well. I mean, imagine a family that eats 4 big ass bags of fast food from multiple fast food joints for every meal. Pure terror I tell you.

2. Working at McDonalds at 3am on a Sunday morning, I handed out food to a very nice gentleman. He must have been very nice because the guy in the passenger seat was giving him head, and he (the passenger) looked up and smiled at me as I handed them the drinks, which meant I got to see the driver in all his glory. He had no pants on at all from what I could see, so this seemed premeditated, which was the worst part of the experience. Ah, that was a wonderful place to work.

6. Working the McDonalds drive through at 11 am on a Sunday morning. A lady orders a Mcflurry (half M&M, half Oreo). Comes up to the first window where I am. Says hello and gives me her card to swipe. Completely ignores the fact that there is a crying teenage girl curled up in the fetal position in the passengers seat wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

There was also a regular who was probably 400+ pounds and was so heavy that he had to lean backwards and do a fast walk to keep his momentum up in order to stay standing until he got to the electric carts. He would drive around and leave stink trails all across the store.

15. Disgustingly fat black woman in a very short dress wearing no underwear being fingered by old black dude. She is on her back and her disgusting cooch is visible being fingered as you look out the drive window. Nearly puked.

16. While working as a minimum wage slave at McDonalds. I was the drive through window guy just passing out the food. Well, one night this couple pulled in and was waiting on their fries. We had to make a new batch so I told him he could wait for a while because it was unusually slow that night. During this time the guy proceeds to whip out his dick and get a blow job all the while his other half pleasured herself while they waited and this continued as I handed them their fries. 041b061a72


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