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Flysimware Bell 47g Fsx ((LINK))

File Description:Textures for payware Flysimware Bell47 Australian Army Aviation A1-404.Delivered 03/11/65. Served with 161 Recce Flight Vietnam, 07/06/66 - 30/04/67 & 11/67 - 09/68. On 21/02/67, The then Army Captain J Campbell earned a DFC in Vietnam in this aircraft after landing in a minefield several times to rescue injured soldiers. Major Campbell was on the crew for its last flight. Storage 12/73, to Australian War Memorial 13/06/79. On display in the AWM's Post '45 Conflicts exhibit.

Flysimware Bell 47g Fsx


The Bell 47 is a two-bladed, single engine, light helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. The Bell 47 became the first helicopter certified for civilian use on March 8 1946. The bell G 2 uses the 47GLycoming O-435 / 190HP as the H-13 is 195HP. The Bell 47 helicopter entered U.S. military service in late 1946 and was designated the H-13 Sioux by the United States Army. It has also served as the helicopter of choice for basic helicopter flight instruction in many countries. NASA had a number of Bell 47s during the Apollo program, used by astronauts as trainers for the Lunar Lander.


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